Well hello!
My Name is Nick, you might know me under N1ck_owo or just The Streamer
I do stream games on twitch, even if I wouldn't consider myself the most active person ever.
I do other things as well tho!
Have a look yeah?

First, have all my Socials (If you wanna text me or just look at stuff)

Here is a List of things I (Nick) like very much:

  • Purple

  • Pizza

  • The People on my Discord

  • Coding

  • The Interwebs

  • Wilbur soot (big fan big lik)

  • Lovejoy

  • My Chemical Romance

  • Kummer / Kraftklub / Swiss & Die Anderen (German bands)

  • The UK

  • Monster Energy

And here is a List of things I (Nick) don't like

  • Racist people (fuck off please)

  • Yellow (Sorry yellow lovers)

  • Windows (god I hate windows) ((the Operating system not windows- not the thing in your room- unless you don't have windows- I'm sorry for you windowless person))

  • Every bad person

  • People in general they are all shit except for some peeps

  • Wilbur haters

  • People that cannot understand the word "No"

  • The French.

  • Red Bull enjoyers

I also make Websites!
I used to offer these kinds of things on Fiverr or Gumroad but decided these Platforms just aren't for me
So if you need a Website or a Minecraft Server, just message me on Discord!
I'll be more than happy to help!